rental program

Yes, you can rent our denim knitwear now in Los Angeles at a fraction of the retail price. Limited sizes are currently available, so sign up for our newsletter updates to find out when this program expands into other sizes and territories.

How the rental program works:

  1. Shop our rental store like you normally would to purchase a brand new design
  2. Once you find a design you want to rent, click the size and color drop down menus
  3. Select the size and color options in the drop down menus 
  4. Add the item to your shopping cart
  5. Proceed with checkout and place your order
  6. If a design is "out of stock", this means someone else is renting it, but it'll be available again in a few days. 
  7. In about 2 days you'll receive your items. If you need them sooner, please contact an associate through chat, email, or call (213) 529 - 6118. Perhaps you'll need to stop by the studio to pick up your rentals!
  8. Enjoy looking fantastic in our designs for 4 days. The listed rental price is good for a full 4-day period of time. 
  9. After the 4 days are up, return the designs using the prepaid shipping label in your box after 4 days of receipt of goods. 
  10. Can't return the designs in  4 days? No problem, your account will be automatically charged at the beginning of the next 4-day period until designs are returned. 

Questions? Please reach out through chat, email, or call/text (213) 529 - 6118.