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Do-It-Yourself: ColorMeMine

Throwback! Crayola washable markers anyone? Now we're bringing them to our Ecru designs. Think 'wearable canvas'. The world is in your hands. Create beyond your wildest dreams! Can't execute your vision properly? No problem, just wash the design and start over. Press repeat until you got that vibe going strong.  Check out what Creative Director (and long-time Knorts collaborator), Clare Gillen, did with her DIY Coconut Bikini Top and Bottom...


  • Think up a cool design
  • Draw or color it
  • Don't like it? 
  • Wash on delicate, cold with detergent
  • Start over
  • Conversely, love it? Eeeek! Trace over it with permanent marker? 

Remember, as in life, nothing is permanent, so let's learn to feel comfortable with impermanence. 

Tic Tac Toe? Yes pleaseeeee...just keep washing it out until you win, duh ;) 

Don't see any rainbows in nature? No problem...wear our Ecru designs out there and draw your own..duh.


Same with happiness...not happy? Draw a happy face and see if it helps...


This is a no-stress pastime...just wash it out if you don't like it :) We highly encourage you to try again, though!

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