care instructions

Caring for your Knorts seems like it'd be hard, but surpriseeeee it's not! Just grab your designs. Throw them in the washing machine with other dark/similar color garments. Set the washing machine to cold, delicate cycle. Press start...and voila! When done, lay them flat to dry. Check the visuals out here.

Below are some extra special instructions to consider:

Raw Denim Knitwear

  •  While we do pre-wash the raw designs before shipment, less dye is washed out in comparison to the vintage treated designs. This means that it's more likely dye will rub off on your skin and/or other surfaces, so please keep this in mind when planning your daily outfits. After washing the designs a few times, the dye will stop rubbing off. Read more about our denim yarn to learn why this happens. 

Vintage Denim Knitwear

  • Be extra careful to never wash the vintage designs in warm water. Warm water makes the dye run and then reset on the garment. When this happens, the white surfaces of the garment turn light blue. It's a vibe, but it's not our beware.