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Get to Know: Knorts' Knitter

by Leonidas Agnes

Javier Ramirez...where do I begin? First and foremost, Javier is a father, a husband, a carne asada lover, a proud knitting veteran, The American Dream, and, very importantly, Knorts' knitter among many other things! There's so much to say about Javier, but I'll keep it short and let the video above do the talking. (A written Part 2 to expound upon some of the topics Javier mentions will definitely come soon.) 

Knorts is so lucky to have someone like Javier responsible for the brand's knitting because he is pretty much down to knit whatever crazy designs Knorts' Founder, Eleanore Guthrie, asks of him. Not only does he apply a lifetime's worth of skills to knitting each Knorts piece, but he also takes a ton of pride in the work (art) he creates and always delivers on time. What more could one ask for?! Javier knits the samples of new designs. Javier knits the designs you order as soon as you place your order. Javier sews the Knorts tags on each garment. Javier fulfills Knorts' production orders. Basically, Javier is Eleanore's right-hand man who has made it possible for her to build Knorts locally in Los Angeles.  Thank you, Javier, for your years of dedication! As a tribute to Javier, we asked him to not only share a bit of his life story with us, but also show us all he does for Knorts through this beautiful video created by local videographer, Rosanna Peng. Tune in above!

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