Knoirts artFORM Weekly Words

Knoirts artFORM Weekly Words

by Stephanie Malik

WEEK 2: Ho99o9

In order to celebrate the summer launch of Knorts’ first ever all black denim collection—Knoirts—we are initiating a weekly band series featuring interviews with some of our favorite artists who performed at the one-of-a-kind annual Form festival, which is held in the unusual community of Arcosanti, AZ. 

In addition to photos of these artists killing it in our new noir Knorts in various locations throughout Arcosanti, we ask them about their feelings on fashion, denim, and some other random stuff (cats v. dogs?). We will also be providing links to some of their music for you to check out too. 

Next up in the artFORM series, we get into it with Jean (theOGM) and Eaddie (Yetti) of Ho99o9. We highly encourage you to press play while you read.



Where’s the band from or based?

theOGM: The band is from New  Jersey, currently based out of Los Angeles 

 What’s your favorite part about performing at Form?

theOGM: i got to wear my Selena shirt 

Yeti: I get to act like a maniac on stage

Fill in the blank. You you would never be caught dead wearing _______.

theOGM: Apple Bottoms lol 

Yeti: a man bun 

Jean (theOGM) photographed by Tonje Thilesen

 Guilty pleasure? Or vice most difficult to moderate? (Can be anything from creeping on your ex’s Instagram with a fake account to compulsively watching re-runs of xfiles alone while drinking Japanese whiskey. Anything that humanizes you. We want some real talk *guilt.*

theOGM: been listening to Michael Jackson "Human Nature" on repeat for like 3 days, it makes me wanna sing that way while eating grapes , singing it to a cyber babe , & lately Cher's " do you believe in love after love" has been turnin me on too , that Toni Braxton deep voice 

Yeti: shit, ok... fuck, so check it out I grew up in a urban community listening to rap (DMX, Jay-Z, Wu Tang) while white kids grew up in the suburbs listening to emo / pop punk (Blink 182, pierce the vail, etc etc.). When I got into punk, it was head first into Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Black Flag, all the hard, fast, vile, and crude stuff. When rewinding things, going back and hearing those emo-pop punk bands, I thought it was the most horrible thing that entered my ears. Long story short, I ended up clicking on a Facebook post about the top 10 emo songs of all time just to possibly make my head explode/because I was curious, and one song came on that stuck in my head. I couldn’t stop singing it for the next week lol...My Chemical Romance - Helena smh. Come to find out, they were from my hometown of New Jersey too lol da fuq, someone slap me back to reality! For the record Green Day rules tho! 

Eaddie (Yetti) photographed by Tonje Thilesen

Dogs or Cats? (TBH we feel this says a lot about a person.)

theOGM: Dogs. I like other people's pets. I don't want any. 

Yeti: Dogs, DMX's first album changed my life. 

Ho99o9 photographed by Tonje Thilesen

What was the first album you bought as a kid? (Was it on CD or cassette?)

theOGM: Busta Rhymes - When Disaster Strikes on cassette 

Yeti: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Eternal 1999 on cassette

Why do you think denim continues to be popular from decade to decade?

theOGM: goes with a lot of diff materials , can be clean, rough, makes girls asses look great & depends how a dude wears them you can get a dick print or a sag , either way it's a win

Yeti: what he said!