Having a Fit: We know...our most popular design doesn't look good on everyone.

Having a Fit: We know...our most popular design doesn't look good on everyone.


We know...our most popular design doesn't look good on everyone.

...that's why we made some updates to the Elongators (pictured above) and launched a new version, the Dare Flare Pants (pictured below), in our recent capsule collection, Scarlet Knorts.

I'm gonna let you in on a lil secret. Our most popular design, the Elongators, are best friends with structure. By this I mean, they love moulding to whatever form fits inside of them. This is because they are knitted with a ribbed stitch, which is inherently less structured than the standard, basic knit stitch used in our updated version. The ribbed knit embodies a structureless flow that refuses to hold the flare in tact once you slip your body into the design. This isn't bad, it's just a different vibe where the flare can be enhanced or muted depending on the shape of one's body and/or chunkiness of the shoe one pairs with it.

Conversely, we wanted to create an updated version that relies less on 3rd party structure to achieve its intended silhouette. Thus, we created a more structured version, the Dare Flare Pants, by using the basic knit stitch for the body of the pants. The structure of this knit allows the pant to hold the form of its flare without the help of a body shape or shoe.

With that said, the beloved flared silhouette the Elongators are known for can be created one of two ways. The first way is to have a body with thick thighs and thinner calves. The thick thighs will naturally fill the pants out in an hourglass way. The second way is to prop the flare up with chunky boots or platforms. What this means is, if your body doesn't have exaggerated curves, the pants could end up fitting more straight legged and/or bootcut rather than flared. (To each their own, though! Perhaps the straight leg/bootcut is more your vibe anyway.) By wearing chunky boots or platforms, one can build structure into the flare of the pant and achieve the desired flare silhouette no matter your body type. 

If you have further questions about general fit, sizing, length, etc. or don't see your size, feel free to contact us and someone from our team will help you out. We offer custom sizing free of charge ;)