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What is Denim Knitwear?

Knorts Denim Knitwear Raw Denim Color Card

What makes denim knitwear (otherwise known as "indigo knitwear")..."denim"? This question is asked often. While it seems like a complicated concept, it's actually pretty simple. Denim is denim because of the dye process the individual yarns go through before they're woven into the fabric famously used to produce jeans. In short, the yarns are run through the dye very quickly, which prevents the dye from soaking through to the core of the thread. This leaves the center of the thread white (or "ecru"), which exposes over time through years of wear or through special treatments unique to the denim industry. Instead of weaving the yarn into fabric, we knit it on a handloom...thus knitted denim results. 

Below is further explanation behind the names of the raw yarns in which you can order our designs:

  • Raw Indigo - indigo dyed yarn that hasn't bee treated, washed, etc. It's 100% virgin.
  • Ecru - the natural color of cotton (denim). This is what the yarn looks like before it's dyed.
  • Raw Black - black dyed yarn that hasn't bee treated, washed, etc. It's 100% virgin.




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