Rent the Knorts: Our Rental Program is Here!

Rent the Knorts: Our Rental Program is Here!


by Leonidas Agnes

Sharing is caring, right? Well, the Knorts team thinks so. We care about economic accessibility, the Earth, and providing our supporters with a good experience, so we decided to share our designs with you through a rental program we hope achieves all three missions. 

Economic Accessibility 

We believe access to well-made, high quality clothes should be the norm across all ends of the socioeconomic spectrum. The Knorts rental program was created to increase access to our designs by offering them at a fraction of the retail price for a limited timeframe of wearability. 

The Earth

As a participant in one of the most polluting and wasteful industries in the world, we believe a fundamental shift needs to occur in the way people perceive ownership of clothes. The Knorts rental program was created to reduce our contribution to fashion waste by promoting the sharing of clothes. We hope this program will not only encourage people to be more mindful of their consumption habits, but will also create more informed buyers, so our designs won't end up in the landfill after a few wears.

Your Experience

Your experience with the Knorts rental program is whatever you make it to be! Try it out if you need an outfit to impress a special date. Switch sizes when your weight fluctuates. Use designs for an Instagram photoshoot. Try designs before you buy them. Familiarize yourself with how our designs fit...the possibilities are endless!

The Knorts rental program will only be available in Los Angeles and in limited size runs to start. Stay updated on the expansion of the program by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this screen. We are building this program for you, so please reach out, let us know what you think and to where we should expand! 

Commercial Credits: Director - Cory Nixon Videographer - Ryan Aylsworth Editor - Taylor Ghrist Music - Negative Gemini Models - @sluttytaylorswift, @t_a_l_v_i, @kaicameron