Rent the Knorts: Q&A with Courtney Barry

Rent the Knorts: Q&A with Courtney Barry


As you already know from our previous Rental Program Launch blog post, you can rent our designs now! We invite you to test out our designs as it fits into your life. We met up with one of our first rental program users, local entrepreneur and fashionista, Courtney Barry, to learn about why she wanted to rent our designs. I'll give you a hint, her last name is Lopez now ;)

Who are you? What do you do?

My name is Courtney. I run a digital marketing agency, social media in particular, called West of Fairfax. I’ve been building it for the past year and a half, but I’ve worked in social media for the past 5 years. I’ve been in LA for 7 years.

 How old are you?

I’m 26.

 Why do you like Knorts?

I saw a Knorts design on a girl I follow and really really liked it. There was something really unique and seemingly well made about it. It looked like something I hadn’t ever seen before.

knorts x courtney barry x courtney lopez

Why did you want to rent Knorts?

I wanted to rent Knorts for my honeymoon in Italy because I needed something comfortable, versatile, and elevated in it's aesthetic. I knew the photos I'd be taking with my husband would last a lifetime, so I wanted to make sure my style was on point. The Knorts Werk Jacket was perfect because I could dress it up at night or dress it down during the day. 

Do you shop a lot?

Ya, I shop a bit. I do a lot of online shopping because I don’t always have the time or patience for in-store shopping. I find myself shopping less than I used to and only buying things I’m really obsessed with. I prefer my wardrobe to be less full, but complete with timeless, statement pieces.

What’s considered a lot (times a month)?

1-2 times a month if that. Not much.

Have your shopping habits changed? In other words, do you spend less on clothes and more on other things like home goods compared to years ago?

Yes, my priorities have shifted a bit. Life is less about my outward appearance through the clothes that I wear. It’s more about making my environment comfortable and traveling (with my new husband). I just recently got married, so a lot of my money has been going towards making our house nice. In general, I’ve been investing more in experiences like our wedding, which was a big expense.

I definitely have learned to spend less on clothes. This is part of the reason I’ve started talking to brands about renting clothes. I find it less wasteful and just as useful to rent a design versus purchasing it for a single use. Also, my mindset has changed towards ownership (at least with clothing) because my priorities have changed as I’ve gotten older.

Post marriage, I’ll probably still buy some investment pieces for my wardrobe, but incorporate more rentals into my repertoire. As an adult, I’m spending money in different areas of my life compared to how I used to. I’m more focused on my future and saving for future expenses rather than living in the moment and giving into instant gratification. I’ve also learned that even when I do purchase something I really love, it sometimes ends up sitting in my closet unworn. In a year or so, that piece may be out of style or not as exciting to me. It’s natural for humans to want to experience newness all the time, so that’s what I like about renting designs. It allows me to experience constant newness with very little financial risk and eco waste.

Given the nature of my job, I attend lots of dinners and events where I like to wear different, fashionable outfits to each. It just doesn’t make sense to purchase new clothes for each social gathering.

Knorts x Courtney Barry x Courtney Lopez 2

Thoughts on fast fashion? Does it fit into your lifestyle?

It depends.  Sometimes fast fashion fits into my lifestyle. I only purchase the classic, everyday-wear types of pieces like t-shirts, but not the trendy designs. Fast fashion garments are just constructed poorly and don’t always fit well.  Fast fashion doesn’t otherwise influence my decision-making process when shopping for clothes…purchasing or renting.

How do you feel ownership related to fashion in particular? Is it more or less important than it used to be? Why? For yourself?

Less is more for me. I prefer owning fewer, quality classic pieces rather than owning lots of cheaper trendier clothes. Ownership also makes sense when I need everyday clothes like t-shirts, denim, leather boots etc. My decisions are based on practicality rather than influences like social media and keeping up with the Jones’. That stuff is otherwise a vicious cycle that isn’t sustainable or realistic. I don’t try to keep up with anybody. I just know what I like and invest where I see it to be appropriate for my wardrobe needs.

 Thoughts on renting clothes?

A few of my friends use Rent-The-Runway and they all can afford to buy those clothes, but they’d rather rent them to have easy access to variety each month.

Do you value sustainable fashion or saving money on clothes you only want to wear 1-2 times?

Yes, absolutely, I feel responsible for the waste I’m contributing to in this world. If there’s an area in my life that I can make more sustainable, I will. In this instance, with clothing, I like to support eco-friendly brands like Reformation and others that are eco-conscious.